How I live the call of Sion

by Yeris Eliezer Ubau Castillo

When I was asked how I live the missionary call of Sion’s charism, I mulled over some questions.

Who am I as a human being? How has Sion welcomed me in my difference? These reflections helped me focus on the many ways in which the Congregation has helped me.

Listening, service, love of the Word and respect for human dignity

For over 10 years, Sion has infused me with its charism of listening, service, love of the Word and respect for human dignity. These aspects have been essential to my gaining a different understanding of the reality of Nicaragua.

As women and children are mistreated, they sadly bear the brunt of our macho culture. The Generando Vida project established by Sion aims to promote change, giving voice, courage and real tools to promote healthy development for children, and helping people feel the close presence of God.

Giving voice, courage and real tools

I feel that the mission the project has been carrying out for almost 30 years is one of learning and mutual recognition, because it’s a journey made in community. I didn’t know how valuable community was before I was part of the Generando Vida project.

A journey made in community

I live with pride and look forward to continuing this journey. Even though it’s difficult, there are so many precious moments, such as the beaming smiles of the children, the calm and confident faces of the women, and seeing my community rising to challenges every day.