International Sion schools network

Forging friendship across the globe

Since our founder started the first school in the mid 1800s for a handful of pupils, a total of 79 Sion schools have been established around the world. Until the 1960s, all the schools were administered by the Congregation.

Today we work with lay school leadership to maintain and strengthen the relationship of Sion schools across the globe with each other and with the Congregation. All expressions of our partnership with the schools flow from Sion’s guiding principles for a world of justice, peace and love.

There is an inter-school programme of meetings and exchanges where students and faculty members can learn and share about Sion’s mission. And we carry out formation of school personnel and governors, to ensure the guiding principles of Our Lady of Sion permeate the ethos and curricula of the schools we have a commitment to, each in its own unique context.

In short, we support Sion schools in the international network in their efforts to create spaces of dialogue, where all people – students, their families, staff, board members – are heard and valued.

So that, whatever their cultural and religious background, children and young adults will be prepared to go out into the world and make it a more just place, to work together for the common good.

Students are awakened to interculturality, openness to others and resistance to every form of exclusion, and their minds are tuned to question constructively, to foster discernment and hope in all spheres.

The international network of NDS schools

The international network of Notre Dame de Sion (NDS) Schools counts 22 educational institutions and schools in eight countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Hungary, Türkiye, United Kingdom and USA.

Our Lady of Sion College

Box Hill, Australia

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Colégio Nossa Senhora de Sion Batel

Curitiba, Brazi

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Colégio Nossa Senhora de Sion Solitude

Curitiba, Brazil

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Colégio Nossa Senhora de Sion

São Paulo, Brazil

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Escola São Teodoro de Nossa Senhora de Sion

São Paulo, Brazil

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Ecole Bilingue Notre Dame de Sion

Quebec, Canada

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Collège et Lycée Notre Dame de Sion

Evry Grand Bourg, France

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Collège Notre Dame de Sion

Grenoble, France

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Lycée Français Notre-Dame de Sion

Istanbul, Türkiye

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Neslin Değişen Sesi Okulları (NDS)

Istanbul, Türkiye

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Our Lady of Sion School

Worthing, UK

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Catholic College Sale (Heritage School)

Sale, Australia

Marist Sion College (Heritage School)

Warragul, Australia

Centro de Educação Infantil – Irmã Isabel Cristina

Curitiba, Brazil

Colégio Sion

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Escola Comunitária São Miguel

Salvador, Brazil

Escuela Nuestra Señora de Sion

Turrialba, Costa Rica

Collège et Lycée Escap Notre-Dame de Sion

Saint-Omer, France

École et Collège Notre-Dame de Sion

Strasbourg, France

Groupe Scolaire Notre-Dame de Sion

Sainte Marie, Paris, France

Lycée Privé Notre Dame de Sion

Marseille, France

Arany János Iskola (Heritage School)

Sashegy, Budapest, Hungary

Notre Dame de Sion School for Boys and Girls and High School for Girls

Kansas City, USA