Our commitment

As sisters of Our Lady of Sion, we are called to bear witness by our lives to God’s faithful love for the Jewish people.

This call empowers us to work within the Church as a reminder of our heritage and relationship with the Jewish people.

Our commitment is characterised by the centrality in our lives of the Word of God, which animates our very being. In our prayer, the Holy Spirit enables us to discover the link between the Biblical text and the events of our world. Current events make the Scriptures come alive for us and reveal their significance, day by day.

Our vocation is one of love: love for all peoples and every person, with special sensitivity to those whose dignity is challenged by prejudice, discrimination and circumstances. It’s an engagement that extends beyond humankind to all of Creation, and implies acceptance of responsibility for the preservation of our beautiful planet, Earth.

Find out how we put our commitment into action in our ministries.

We work, with others, for a world of justice, peace and love.