The guiding principles of Notre Dame de Sion inspire our ministries, without prescribing what we do.

Some of us endeavour to empower others through various forms of education; some provide support for those in need; some work to build bridges to bring people, cultures and religions together; some fulfill our ministry through prayer on behalf of others. For many of us, our ministry involves a combination of these.

Context shapes our opportunities and priorities. Within our parish or region or further afield, each of us seeks to put her commitment into action in ways that are relevant today. We observe what is happening around us, and we reflect upon it in the light of the Word of God. In diverse settings around the world, we reach out and engage with others, mindful of how dialogue and openness to intercultural exchange can generate new, imaginative responses.

However we serve, we’re called to love as God loves. All sisters and members of the Family of Sion work together, with love and faith, towards the same goals.