Eco-social justice & rights

A concern for justice is integrated into all facets of congregational life.

In our vision of justice, human rights and ecology are interconnected: the root causes of social injustice and environmental decline are often the same – as are the people who feel their effects most acutely. Inspired by the principles of love and inclusion, we work towards a just and sustainable Earth community in which all humans can live in dignity and cohabit, in symbiosis, with the rest of the natural world.

Our response to eco-social inequity takes many forms, including advocacy, education and support. It entails much collaborative work with church groups and other non-profits.

We advocate towards local, national and international authorities to change mindsets where oppressive values dominate, giving a voice to victims of prejudice and discrimination and bringing to the fore questions about the ethical and sustainable use of natural resources.

We participate in educational initiatives to empower indigenous communities, and carry out social projects with the international network of Sion Schools and other organisations.

Our commitment to eco-social justice and rights is underpinned by the conviction that by carrying out small, deliberate actions on a regular basis, each one of us can make a difference to improve our world, so that the whole of Creation can thrive within our common home.

Through action, accompaniment and prayer, we support groups and individuals whose resilience is tested by the circumstances they live in.

Find out how some of our sisters work for eco-social justice and rights.

Some of the organisations we work with:

UNANIMA International

UNANIMA International aims to empower women and children who live in extreme poverty to achieve a better quality of life and educate and influence policy makers at the global level. NDS is one of UNANIMA’s 22 official coalition partners.

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Task Force on Urban Conscientization (TFUC), Philippines

The TFUC is a voice for people living in poverty in the Philippines. The Congregation is involved actively and at board level.

Organização Amigos de Sion para a Inclusão Social (OASIS), Brazil

OASIS is a non-profit entity that carries out activities to reinforce the education of school-age children. The centre was started by Sion sisters.

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KUMARE Inc, Philippines

KUMARE Inc is a non-governmental women’s organisations in which Sion sisters volunteer.

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Hardin ng kalikasan, Philippines

A women’s multi-purpose co-operative with which sisters are associated in a mentoring capacity.

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Climate Justice Saskatoon, Canada

A non-profit non-partisan group of scientists, educators, members of environmental societies, research students, organic farmers, spiritual groups and professionals who work for justice-based solutions to climate change.

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Anti-defamation League (ADL), USA

The ADL’s mission is to stop the defamation of the Jewish people, and to secure justice and fair treatment to all.

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