Jewish-Christian & interfaith dialogue

Mutual understanding and respect, for a more peaceful world.

It can be said that our founder Théodore Ratisbonne was ahead of his time in appreciating the richness of knowing different faiths. His first-hand experience of Judaism and Christianity gave him insights about the links between the two and an appreciation of the notion that goodness is central to different traditions.

This instilled in the Congregation an openness that sisters put into practice, from the outset in the 1800s, by welcoming pupils from diverse backgrounds in their schools, in a climate of mutual respect.

Understanding Jewish interpretations of the Hebrew Scriptures sheds light on the roots of our faith and enriches our appreciation of the New Testament, in ways that make room for the other.

Our work promoting relations between faiths is built on this foundation of Jewish-Christian understanding and extends to creating spaces where people of all faiths and cultures can listen and learn from each other. We organise and carry out study programmes, attend and speak at local, national and international meetings and conferences, and work within our parishes, to show how breaking down the barriers and connecting with those we don’t know can yield results, on a personal level and for humanity.


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Meaningful relationship with Jewish people and their heritage is still, today, at the heart of the principles that guide us.

Some sisters share their Jewish-Christian and interfaith experience.