We are called to witness by our life to God’s faithful love for the Jewish people.
This call implies that our apostolic life is characterized by a three fold commitment:
to the Church, to the Jewish people and to a world of justice, peace and love.

Holocaust Remembrance Days in Poland (27.01-3.02 2019)

The last week of January, I spent in Poland in Podkarpacie Region (formerly Galicia and where I come from), where from the 27 of January, until 3 of February in 70 villages and towns various meetings and events took place to mark the Holocaust Memorial Day in Poland....

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January 20 – Feast of NOTRE DAME DE SION

“Today is the anniversary of the founding of our Sion. It was on this day that the thought of Sion was brought down to earth, not by an angel, not by an archangel, not by the apostles, but by the Mother of God herself. Today we can consider this marvel in its fruits...

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News from CCJR Annual Meeting

The Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations (CCJR) is “an association of centers and institutes in the United States and Canada devoted to enhancing mutual understanding between Jews and Christians” (https://www.ccjr.us/). Celia Deutsch (Brooklyn, N.Y.,...

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Milestones in Modern Jewish-Christian Relations

Compiled by Sr. Lucy Thorson, NDS and Murray Watson With its 1965 declaration Nostra Aetate (On the Church’s Relationship to Non-Christian Religions), the Catholic Church inaugurated a historic and wide-ranging transformation in its thinking about, and relating to,...

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  May God’s coming among us lead us to daring hope and abounding love for one another and all. Blessed Christmas.  Mary, Adriana, Clare, Marie Lise   

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