Friends of Sion

Living the charism in the Family of Sion

There’s an outer circle of people, numbering almost as many as the sisters themselves, who’ve found a way to incorporate our mission into their lives, their work and their families, through forms of association with the Congregation that match their spiritual gifts, without requiring them to take vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.

Their lived experience in the Family of Sion is rich and diverse. There are many opportunities to learn about the evolution and character of Sion’s spirituality.

While some people only join in on the spiritual side, many support sisters in our mission work. In some places, the role of our friends and associates makes our ministry possible: they’re called on to do things sisters used to do.

Some people stay with us for short periods and volunteer their time to sharing our mission and ministry, while enjoying a unique immersive experience in a foreign country.

All these people bring new life and expression to Notre Dame de Sion. With open arms, we welcome these responses to the call of the Spirit.


If you would like to know more about being a friend of Sion, click here.

Find out more about our spirituality.

It can be life-long formative process for those who partner with us, as they progress on their own journey.

We asked some of our friends to share their Sion experience.

How I live the call of Sion

By Yeris Eliezer Ubau Castillo

When I was asked how I live the missionary call of Sion’s charism, I mulled over some questions. …

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A surprise from Heaven!

By Adriana Bialik

As a Christian, I have always felt I had a duty to go to Israel at least once …

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A friendship that blossomed

By Carolina Brenes Rivera

I live in Cartago, Costa Rica. When I was young, I always used to say that the only …

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A Real Blessing

By Juanita (Tita Nitz) Orquia Atendido

I was a volunteer catechist in St. Rafael the Archangel parish of Real, Philippines, when I met two …

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