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Become a friend of Our Lady of Sion

For people who identify with our spirituality…

… but don’t feel consecrated life is the right path for them, joining the Family of Sion as a friend or associate of the Congregation can be an alternative that fits. It lets you build on the foundations you already have, and gives you an opportunity to connect with our guiding principles and with others like yourself, without forgoing your normal life.

There are lots of different ways to get involved: each woman or man has to follow their own individual call. You might start by following a course on a Biblical or interfaith theme, online or at one of our centres. You might join a sister running catechesis sessions in your parish. You might take part in a project at a Sion school or with a local Sion community.

The level of your involvement can also vary. Some people join us in our ministry, without undergoing any specific training. Others follow a formation plan to gain a firmer understanding of our commitment, and begin to express this understanding in their own life. Those who feel called to do so consolidate their engagement by making a formal commitment to Notre Dame de Sion as an associate.

The love for our guiding principles unites all members of the Family of Sion – vowed and non-vowed.

If you’re drawn to the way the mission of the sisters of Our Lady of Sion is lived so much that you want to incorporate it in your life, your work and your family, contact us.

We asked some of our friends to share their Sion experience.

How I live the call of Sion

By Yeris Eliezer Ubau Castillo

When I was asked how I live the missionary call of Sion’s charism, I mulled over some questions. …

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A surprise from Heaven!

By Adriana Bialik

As a Christian, I have always felt I had a duty to go to Israel at least once …

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A friendship that blossomed

By Carolina Brenes Rivera

I live in Cartago, Costa Rica. When I was young, I always used to say that the only …

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A Real Blessing

By Juanita (Tita Nitz) Orquia Atendido

I was a volunteer catechist in St. Rafael the Archangel parish of Real, Philippines, when I met two …

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Become a volunteer

Our volunteering programme offers respectful, highly motivated people a chance to be involved in helping others in another country.

Volunteering opportunities are currently available in Brazil and the Philippines.

Be it after-school programmes, community support, or interfaith activities, it’s a unique way to immerse yourself in another culture and see the world through different eyes.


Contact us.

Pray with us

Is there a world issue especially close to your heart?

We can pray with you, for a world of justice, peace and love.

Use the form on the Contact page to write to us. Put “Prayer request” as the subject, and in your message name the world issue you’d like us to pray for.