Become a sister

of Our Lady of Sion

When you discern your religious vocation, you’re open to God’s call to serve in the Church and in the world.

Paths to religious life are unique, but discernment always involves prayer, reflection and Bible study. The question you’re asking is: “What does God want from me?” And this is a question you’ll keep asking throughout your lifetime. If you’re discerning your vocation, there’s a wide diversity of forms of religious life to consider.

A woman who enters our Congregation will learn to live as a sister of Our Lady of Sion through prayer, Bible study, and response to the needs of the Church and the world, with special attention to interfaith dialogue and anti-discrimination.

Formation is a constant throughout a sister of Sion’s life and full entry into the Congregation happens within a structured formative framework.

“A sister of Sion should have a heart bigger than the world and respect for all cultures, nationalities and beliefs!”

Théodore Ratisbonne

First commitment

Formation for first vows is implemented, with guidance from sisters, through spiritual and human accompaniment, Biblical reflection, apostolic involvement, experience among disadvantaged people, and acquaintance of Judaism.

The programme comprises: “Come and See” – a time for initial discernment – followed by a pre-novitiate stage to clarify your vocation known as Postulancy, and two novitiate stages: a Canonical Year of spiritual reflection, and an Apostolic Year with ministry in one of the regions where we’re present.

The process leads to first vows of poverty, celibacy and obedience.

Perpetual vows

After first vows, formation for final commitment is a path of intense discernment for human and spiritual growth. This is a time to become more at one with the NDS identity and more deeply integrated in the congregational community. It’s also a time for Biblical, theological and professional studies. When a sister professes perpetual vows she expresses her binding love in response to God, which demands that she love others as Christ did.

Read about the experience of a woman who has recently begun her journey to become a sister of Our Lady of Sion.

If the spirituality of the sisters of Our Lady of Sion resonates with who you’re called to be as a woman religious, let’s start talking.