A new course is being planned in Jerusalem, at the Center for Biblical Formation (CBF), in collaboration with CERJUC (Centro de estudio y relaciones Judeo-Cristianas, Costa Rica), from 11th to 26th January 2024.
The title is “From Galilee to Jerusalem: The Gospel of Mark and the Kingdom of God” and the facilitator will be David Castillo of CERJUC.
The objective of the course is to study the Gospel of Mark in its literary, social and religious dimensions, following the journey of Jesus from the village of Nazareth and the city of Capernaum, at the beginning of his ministry, to his passion in Jerusalem.
There will be several excursions and guided tours retracing Mark’s tradition, while classroom sessions will be held at the CBF in the Ecce Homo facilities in the Old City of Jerusalem.

For more information and registration, please write to:

Seidy Chaves, Ph. 506-2236-9693 /506-8924-1103 cerjucsion@ice.co.cr

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