Three Sister of Our Lady of Sion have invited other scholars to join them in presenting a new online biblical formation programme in Brazil. ConSagraE – Conheça a Sagrada Escritura aims to offer biblical foundations to people who wish to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures.


The study programme will approach the Scriptures from different angles. Themes of the first courses include: how to read the Word of God prayerfully, study of the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible), and an exploration of the Jewish roots of Jesus’ childhood.

The project was born as a response to the Covid situation. Sr Ivete Holthmam, Sr Cristiane Dos Santos and Sr Judite Paulina Mayer have all been active in biblical formation for many years. During the pandemic, each of them embraced the opportunities that arose to teach online. It occurred to them, however, that their work could be more purposeful and helpful to others if their specialised knowledge were pooled and integrated with that of other scholars, within a single, easily accessible, online resource.

Open to anyone who wishes to immerse themself in the Word of God, ConSagraE has been conceived first and foremost for Brazilian church-goers and catechists. One of the goals is to contribute to a renewed vision in the catechesis of children, young people and adults in Brazil.

There is an air of excitement and hope on the eve of the programme’s launch.

Sr Cristiane is happy that classes will soon begin and hopeful that the funding model will work. “The proposal is for everyone to contribute what they can”, she explained. “The pandemic broke people financially, and so we have not set a fixed monthly fee. Each person contributes what they can, with the objective of reimbursing the course leaders, who are Masters and Doctors in Biblical Theology. We want to make sure everyone has access to Scripture study.”

Sr Judite is confident that ConSagraE will grow gradually over time. “It’s beginning humbly, but it will set its own path and grow”, she said. “At the moment the important thing is to sow the seed of the Word.”

The courses, in Portuguese, will begin on 7 March. To find out more or book a place, visit the ConSagraE website.


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