Our Lady of Sion College, Box Hill, Australia

Knowledge, skills, hope and optimism to live meaningful lives, and to shape and enrich the world around them

Our Lady of Sion College is a Catholic College where young women are encouraged to live in fidelity to the Word of God known in the Scriptures and the life of Jesus. The students inherit the tradition of the Church and the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion, which calls them to actively seek to transform the world.

So much of what the school does is intertwined with Scripture and dialogue. A commitment to the charism of the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion can be seen in the school’s participation in Days for Dialogue to explore the commonalities and differences between different faiths.

The Sion ethos in the school

Our Lady of Sion College is committed to being an outstanding Catholic girls’ school that equips students with the knowledge, skills, hope and optimism to live meaningful lives, and to shape and enrich the world around them. The school operates within a context grounded in the Scriptures of both the Old and New Testaments. As educators in faith, the teachers invite students to make sense of their world and their lives within a community that is faithful to the mission of Jesus and helps them to develop their relationship with God.

True to the Sion charism and in order to continue interfaith dialogue, an annual Day of Dialogue is conducted with Jewish, Islamic and Catholic students from nearby schools. Students gather to discuss their religious beliefs, culture and traditions both at school and within their lives. Students find this day profoundly enriching and often very moving, as it informs their views on other religions and offers greater understanding of the similarities and differences in the experiences of other teenagers in a faith context.

Our Lady of Sion College imbues in its young women a sense of belonging to a tradition and a hunger for achieving what is right, and calls them, in all things, to speak the truth in love.

Social actions

With Scripture as a constant reference point, the school is committed to the environment and those who are most marginalised in society, and strives for reconciliation with the local Indigenous peoples. Students visit a detention centre to support refugees and asylum seekers, and prepare toiletry bags and Christmas hampers for the St Vincent de Paul Society in an effort to help those in need.

Each year, students and staff raise money at the annual Sion Day in a continued effort to support the San Luis Lumad Community High School in the Philippines. There are also a number of food-raising and fundraising events throughout the year, to support local initiatives.

“I’m excited about coming to school every day because I know I’m supported through everything.”
Kyrah, 14 years old

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