Collège Notre Dame de Sion Grenoble, France

A pastoral, educational and pedagogical pathway built over the years

The Collège Notre Dame de Sion in Grenoble, with its 600 pupils, also caters for 140 primary school pupils, which means that a pastoral, educational and pedagogical pathway can be built over the years.

The school’s teaching methods are project-based, with pupils reflecting on current issues in a range of subjects. Each project culminates in a final presentation that provides an opportunity to work on oral skills, collaboration and critical thinking.

The school’s motto is: “A school to grow up in, a path to build”. The aim is to work on oral skills and guidance so as to integrate young people into society as effectively as possible.

The Sion ethos in the school

There are several opportunities during the school year for students and their families to learn about the Congregation’s history, values and charism.

The Sion spirit is applied in the daily life of the school in different ways. There is the regular word of the week for questioning. Also, at the beginning of the year, a Sion value is assigned to each class as a way of entering into the charism, with a presentation on 20th January. And all pupils study Biblical culture in classes 6 and 5.

Welcoming differences as a source of richness is the key to a rewarding life. Grenoble has a beautiful kaleidoscope of colours and origins. Working on respect is vital to a solid and happy life.

Social actions

Social justice is an important part of Sion’s charism.

The school has set up an association called ANIMA’SION. Its aim is to offer as many students as possible, whatever their circumstances, activities outside the school timetable (revision weeks, integration weeks, holiday camps, trips abroad).

The school also encourages students and their families to take part in charity events. Examples include collecting supplies for the underprivileged in collaboration with the Restos du Cœur association, and raising funds for Africa through the Bol de Riz initiative.

These actions are aimed primarily at helping people in need, but also at contributing to the development of solidarity, living together, respect and mutual support.

“For me, ‘Sion’ is the anagram of ‘soin’ [‘care’ in French]: we take care of ourselves and take care of others.”
Benoît, 14 years old

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