International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023

Today, 27 January, we observe International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

This year, we are invited to place the people who were the millions of victims of Nazism at the centre of our attention: people leading normal lives until they were violently stripped of their homes and their sense of belonging.

Through participation in activities within the communities where we live, and in our prayer, we join with 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Holocaust survivors and remember those forced to adopt distorted ideas of home and belonging in their struggle to stay alive.

We undertake to find out more ourselves and share with others what we learn about the reality lived by the victims and survivors. By focusing on their livelihoods before, during and, in some cases, after the atrocities committed, we hope to prompt humanitarian responses to the plight of people subjected to antisemitism and all forms of racism, prejudice and discrimination in the world today.

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