NDS Bahçeşehir Primary School, Istanbul, Türkiye

An open mind towards culture and familiarity with other languages

The Neslin Değişen Sesi School was created in 2001 by the Educational Foundation of the Lycée Notre-Dame De Sion in Istanbul.

In a large campus shared with the high school, pupils attending the nursery and primary school acquire all the knowledge they need to continue their studies at the lycée without going through the preparatory class and are taught in French. They also develop an open mind towards culture and become familiar with other foreign languages.

In awareness of the great culture that lies behind the French language, many aspects of France – the civilisation, literature, history and everyday life – are explored at all levels. This is done through a number of teaching activities led by a professional team trained in several areas of language learning. This approach allows students to immerse themselves in the language and culture and to gain a firm grounding in all things French.

In order to maintain the teaching philosophy of the Lycée Notre-Dame De Sion founded in 1856, the primary school continues to collaborate with the lycée on joint educational projects.

At this school, French is the first foreign language taught and takes up a large part of the curriculum. Pupils are exposed to reading in French, as well as drama, debates and argumentation, civilisation and even mathematics and science, to bring the language to life.

As a school, we place a great deal of importance on human values and instil a great deal of self-discipline and hard work, so that by the time they leave school, pupils will be able to cope with any condition in life. This aspect is well developed through social and ecological projects. Each class has an annual project which it works on throughout the year.

“My Sion school is my second home.”
Naz Denis, 10 years old

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