Lithostrotos & Ecce Homo Basilica in the Old City of Jerusalem

The Lithostrotos is an ancient paved section of the Roman Forum lying below the Ecce Homo convent of the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Discovered in 1857 during the building of the school by Father Alphonse Ratisbonne, it is considered to be where Jesus suffered at the hands of Roman soldiers, and where the trial by Pontius Pilate took place.

We thank Jon Muscat, a videographer currently experiencing Sion community life in Jerusalem, for sharing this beautiful video of the Lithostrotos and the Basilica at Ecce Homo.

Lithostratos & Ecce Homo Basilica in the Old City of Jersusalem

by Roamingearth videography
Video & editing: Jon Muscat @Roamingearth videography
Music: Artist: Juan Sánchez – Song: For When it rains Artist’s Website:

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