Celebration of final vows in the Philippines

Sister Beth Burgo.

Sister Beth Burgo pronounced her perpetual vows on Thursday 12 September at St. Raphael Parish in the Municipality of Real, Philippines, reaffirming her commitment to the Church in the presence of her family, other Sion Sisters, and members of Saint Raphael’s Parish.

Beth’s vows were received, on behalf of the Congregation, by Sister Denise Cusack, who said: “It was truly a privilege to be with Beth at this beautiful celebration”, which many people travelled long distances to attend.

Signing the commitment with Father Romeo Tena and Sister Denise.

Beth chose the event’s date to pay homage to the Sisters who founded the Philippine Sion community on 12 September 1990, and thank them for their response to the call of God for service in another cultural setting.

Beth’s journey

Already active as a professional catechist, Beth came into contact with the Congregation through a chance encounter and an invitation from a woman she didn’t know to a bible sharing session with the Sisters of Sion in Kiloloron. At that meeting, Beth was moved by a discussion around the theme “God is love”, which, she says, has nourished her life ever since.

Beth entered the congegation twelve years ago and made her first vows in 2011. Since then, she has furthered her studies completing a degree at the Institute for Religious Studies in Manila in 2018, and is now following a course at Manila University’s Centre for Family Ministries. While studying she has been involved in ministries related to the urban poor by serving on the board of Manila’s Task Force on Urban Conscientization and teaching catechetics in a nearby parish.

For her, last Thursday was: “the day when I was able to express my gratitude to God’s faithful love and promises.”

The presence of her parents, siblings, friends and other sisters gave Beth great joy and reminded her they have always been with her on the journey. Her wish for the future is to continue, together with the whole Family of Sion, to celebrate the joy, hope and love of Christ in everything they do.

Beth with her parents, the Sion Community, the Bishop and the priests.