NDS US-CANADA : After Pittsburgh synagogue attack

On behalf of the Sisters of Notre-Dame de Sion in the United States and Canada, we, the members of the Sisters’ “Relation and Encounter” Team, join our voices to the many Jewish and Christian organizations, leaders and groups around the world who have expressed their horror and sadness at the massacre that took place on Saturday, October 27, at the Etz Chayim synagogue in Pittsburgh, in which 11 individuals were killed as they gathered in prayer.
As part of a religious congregation that cherishes its longstanding relationship with the Jewish community (and seeks to promote respect and understanding for Judaism among Christians), we know how deeply this attack has shaken Jewish communities, both near and far. Sadly, it reminds us that anti-Semitism remains alive and well in some corners of our societies, and that we must constantly work to uproot anti-Jewish hatred, intolerance and prejudice, through education and building relationships of friendship and mutual respect. Events like this remind us that we cannot afford to be complacent about the threats that exist.
We unite our prayers to so many others—for those who have been tragically killed, and for those who are hospitalized. We carry all those who have been impacted in our thoughts. We wish safety, security and peace for our Jewish brothers and sisters, and an end to incitement and hostility against those who are perceived as “different”. We pledge to continue and strengthen our work of dialogue and collaboration, to help fashion a world of inclusion, safety and friendship between faith communities.

Lucy Thorson, NDS
Jocelyn Monette, NDS
Kathleen Rusnak
Murray Watson

October 28, 2018

News from Sr. Patricia Fox, NDS (Philippines)

Statement from sr. Pat NDS from the Philippines concerning the Bureau of Immigration’s Deportation Order against her:

‘After attending a Fact-Finding Mission and telling some Coca Cola workers that the social teachings of the church support them in their formation of an association and demands for regularization and a just wage, I somehow got the ire of the President. Since then, it has been a series of allegations and answers. Church people have been supportive in that the claim of the government is that “missionaries” should only teach doctrine and convert. The ecumenical community has moved beyond this years ago and all have social teachings which they believe need to be lived out in faithfulness to Jesus. The international community, particularly those in solidarity movements, see the charges that I should not take part in fora, rallies, fact finding missions, as against both the constitution here and also international law which ensures freedom of speech, association, movement and religion to all. It has been amazing the support I have had from people across the social spectrum. But it is also stressful knowing it is the president who is wanting me deported and the power he has here. It is difficult to plan and to live day to day. But it has forced me to verbalize why I have done what I have and strengthened my belief that Jesus is in those who are poor and oppressed and they help me define my baptismal commitment and vocation as a religious of Notre Dame de Sion which is sensitive to the outcast and called to work for the promises first given to the church for all.’

Sr. Patricia Fox, NDS


Sion Solidário

“Sem dúvida a educação é a arte de guiar o desenvolvimento físico, intelectual e moral da pessoa humana, a arte de formar o adulto no estudante” Pe Teodoro Ratisbonne.

Deste 2012, o Colégio Sion do Rio de Janeiro – Brasil, na pessoa da Ir. Vaneide NDS, desenvolve atividades sociais com as crianças da Creche Sant´Anna, obra social da paróquia Cristo Redentor que atende crianças muito carentes das comunidades (favelas) da redondeza.

O projeto “Sion Solidário” concebe o trabalho voluntário como uma via de mão dupla na qual a troca (dar e receber) acontece em todo o processo para ambos os lados (crianças atendidas e alunos do Sion). O projeto dá oportunidade ao aluno de conhecer realidades diferentes da sua por meio de atividades que incentivam a partilha, a solidariedade e a cidadania. Nossos alunos aprendem a importância de doar-se aos outros e de acolhê-los como são.

A Creche Sant´Anna fica  próxima ao nosso Colégio e passa por algumas dificuldades por conta do grande número de crianças matriculadas e por sobreviver de doações. Começamos ajudando financeiramente essa Creche através de Bazares Beneficentes e, no decorrer do tempo, nossos alunos passaram a fazer visitas regulares bem como a receber as crianças da Creche em nosso Colégio para atividades lúdicas e partilha do lanche. Esse intenso trabalho resultou no engajamento das mães – projeto das Mães Solidárias.

Ir Vaneide NDS e Ir Jilvaneide NDS

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