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SIDIC Periodical XXXVI - 2003/1-3
Seeking A Culture Of Dialogue (Pages 30-31)

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Seeking a Culture of Dialogue in the United States: Jewish-Catholic Dialogue Group
Rooney, Mary


Whenever I consider our membership in our Jewish-Catholic Dialogue Group, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to exchange ideas, to learn, and to meet people I might not have otherwise. What a gift!

Certain times stand out. The struggle Sophie articulated so well at the first meeting of our Group is an indelible memory. Her decision to begin a new chapter in relationships, especially with Catholics, is a memorable model. I also remember the moving, beautiful way she said to Jim, after the Mass they attended with us at old St. Sebastian’s Church with Fr. Dan Montalbano, “I have met your Jesus.”

The individuals in our group have taught me much about what it is to be Jewish and that it is not the same for each person. They have taught me distinctly how it is different from being Catholic. Yet, the similarities bind us, although the differences may define us. We are all somehow involved in the daily living here in urban America; all of us worry about our children and grandchildren and rejoice in their accomplishments; all of us have civic concern and concerns about whatever President and Administration may be currently in office; all of us wonder where and how we will be in the next ten years; and all of us are concerned that our country and the world will endure and grow to peaceful relationships.

That world seems so much smaller to me now. I have learned enough to know that I count it important to continue to meet and dialogue - whatever the topic - and to enjoy each other’s company, because we have become friends.

September, 2001


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