Reaching out at school

by Sr Maria Jilvaneide dos Santos

Working in the area of education, and specifically in Pastoral Care and Religious Education at the Colégio Sion-RJ, is a great opportunity for personal and community growth, as well as being a wonderful experience.

A great opportunity for personal and community growth

I am constantly challenged to increase my network of relationships, both with the students and their families, and with my colleagues – especially when we strive to promote peace, love and social justice through solidarity and dialogue.

It is very rewarding to see the involvement of the whole Sion community in each action we propose and carry out.

An attitude of discipleship and eternal apprenticeship

In the Sion Solidário project, we work to develop our own skills as well as those of the people involved. Among those skills are: the ability to listen with the heart and not only with the ears, as well as an attitude of discipleship and eternal apprenticeship, as we allow ourselves to innovate and look for new partnerships.

In the exchange we take part in with the Eliezer Max Jewish School, with Islam and with other Christian religious confessions, we enlarge our hearts by welcoming each person who visits us or whom we visit. We learn from each other as we share the rich diversity of our beliefs and cultures, making new friendships and breaking down prejudices and stereotypes.

We enlarge our hearts by welcoming each person

We see committed participation in festive celebrations, such as: First Communions, the day of our founder Father Théodore Ratisbonne, the school’s anniversary, thanksgiving at the end of the school year, as well as baptisms and weddings that take place in our beautiful chapel. All these are important events for families who seek to deepen and live their Catholic tradition and faith.

These are some of the many activities that make up the pastoral and religious education at our Sion school, situated in the Cosme Velho neighbourhood in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.