Sharing the rice across continents

In these difficult and challenging times, here is an account of a recent happening: a small gesture whose substance could so easily pass unnoticed.

What happened was that a small stipend for a Bibliodrama workshop, led by Peta Pellach and Yael Unterman in Jerusalem, needed to be paid by the Sion community in the Philippines through PayPal, which they do not have.

Yael said: “Give it to the hungry in Africa.”

Knowing the logistics of making such a donation, and the fact that there are plenty of hungry people in the Philippines – as in so many places in the world – Yeal agreed that the donation could go to needy families closer to our base there.

Sister Beth, through her ministry in the city of Antipolo, has direct access to people for whom a few kilos of rice would be a help.

So, the story of the root of the donation was told to them: that it was from the land of Jesus.

The world is small and it becomes even smaller in the light of such small acts of kindness.

Un petit cadeau du pays de Jésus
à des familles aux Philippines A small gift from the land of Jesus
to families in the Philippines