Sr Margaret Zdunich, NDS, Director of the CBF.

Don Hernán Rodríguez, Director of CERJUC.

Building on the success of the CBF-CERJUC virtual bible course in January and February this year, the two Sion study centres in Jerusalem and Costa Rica are joining forces again to propose a new course in Spanish on The beginning of Christianity: the Acts of the Apostles.

The collaboration between the CBF (Centre for Biblical Formation) and CERJUC (Centro de Estudios Bíblicos y Relaciones Judeo Cristianas) was conceived before the onset of Covid-19, and was originally planned as an in-house Spanish programme at the CBF in Jerusalem.

Switching from classroom to online required adaptation of the contents of the January course, but made it accessible from any location. For five consecutive Tuesdays, people tuned in from countries like El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Spain and the USA to share in Prof. Hanzel Zúñiga’s expertise on Jesus’s last days in Jerusalem.

One participant from Costa Rica said the course was enriching on both an academic and a spiritual level. She saw it as “the perfect prelude to prepare students for an experience of life and faith when visiting Israel”, and intends to take more classes with CERJUC and the CBF.

Prof. Hanzel Zúñiga, course leader.

Don Hernán Rodríguez, Director of CERJUC, appreciates the opportunity the virtual alternative is affording to reach out to more people and help them, in his words, “to understand, live and proclaim the Word of God, according to the guidelines of the Second Vatican Council and the Jewish roots of Christianity, the common heritage of the Jewish and Christian people”.

The course in Spanish The beginning of Christianity: the Acts of the Apostles, also led by Prof. Zúñiga, will be held via Zoom every Tuesday at 7 pm (Costa Rica time) between 29 June and 27 July. It will analyse historical data and theological elements of the diverse origins of Christianity that emerge from the book of the Acts of the Apostles. The aim is to shed light on the value of this data in both ecclesiastic and non-ecclesiastic contexts.

Sr Margaret Zdunich, NDS, Director of the CBF, is hopeful about the newly developed Spanish programme. “It is the hope of CERJUC and CBF”, she said, “that this collaborative initiative will open up new possibilities for future developments in both centres for programming”.


To know more and to register, please write to: (Costa Rica) (Jerusalem)


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