In this 500th year of Christianity in the Philippines, the Sisters of Sion are holding a webinar on an interfaith theme.


Monday September 13
4:00 – 6:00 pm (Philippine time)


“Gifted to give”

In the spirit of Indigenous, Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith traditions



Four panelists, from Indigenous, Jewish, Christian and Muslim backgrounds, will share on what each tradition is gifted to give to our society and the world.



Genevieve Balance Kupang, PhD
Vice-Chair, SANDIWA, Network of Advocates for National Minority Rights


Rabbi Fred Morgan
Emeritus Senior Rabbi, Temple Beth Israel, Melbourne, Former Professorial Fellow, Australian Catholic University


Jessica Joy Candelario, PhD
Program Coordinator, CICM Bukal ng Tipan Pastoral Center


Prof. Alih Sakaluran Aiyub
Regional Secretary General, National Ulama Cooperation of the Philippines




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