Sisters of our Lady of Sion
St Margaret’s Close
Manchester M25 2LY
United Kingdom

I am writing on behalf of the Sion Jewish Christian development Team of the Sisters of the Congregation of Our Lady of Sion. I am based in Manchester, the United Kingdom and we have sisters in many other parts of the world, including the United States.
We want to express our deep horror and sorrow at the recent attack and murders of so many of your community gathered in the Synagogue of the Tree of Life on 27th October. This attack on a worshipping community in a sacred space is such a violation of life. We are all wounded by this as such an act of hatred denies our shared sense of humanity and respect for life.
We want to offer our thoughts for the bereaved families and prayers and support to them and to all your community at this terrible time. We are united with you in praying for peace and greater, respect, love and acceptance of difference between us all as human beings.


Sister Teresa Brittain nds


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