ConSagraE – Conheça a Sagrada Escritura has just launched a second year of biblical courses in Portuguese. Like last year, the 2023 programme, which started on 6 March, offers paths to deeper insight about texts in both Testaments of the Bible.



The programme this year will repeat popular courses from 2022, like Study of the Pentateuch and Biblical Hebrew, whilst introducing new themes, such as Women in the Bible, the Gospel of Matthew, and the Psalms.

Each course intends to achieve a clear set of objectives, which are specified on the ConSagraE website. The collective aim is to engage participants in a fresh exploration of the Scriptures and guide them, over a four- or five-month period, towards a more meaningful encounter with the Word of God.

ConSagraE was conceived and designed by Sisters of Our Lady of Sion in Brazil and began offering biblical courses online in March 2022. The first year’s programme was received with much enthusiasm. Over a hundred people signed up for one or more courses.



Andréa Campos of São Paulo appreciated what she called “the way the culture of past societies was conveyed for a contextualised understanding of the life of God’s people and the Holy Scriptures.”

“Through the courses, I’m getting to know myself, putting into practice what I know, and removing doubts I had in some areas,” wrote Ednilson Junior of Aracaju. “It was what I needed to delve deeper.”

The teaching team was encouraged by reactions to the first year’s courses. “We were surprised by the students’ interest and their appreciation of the quality of the courses,” said Sr Cristiane. Comments from course attendees on the ConSagraE website testify to this.

To find out more or book a place on a course, visit the ConSagraE website.


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