Another year of First Communions and Confirmation! It began in September with 60 children registered for First Communion and 68 young people registered for Confirmation.

The First Communions were celebrated during 4 masses over 2 Sundays in May, and what excitement.  The children were so eager and keen, now they no longer needed to come forward for a blessing, but they could come forward and receive communion like everyone else. The joy and excitement was palpable. These young children who has listened attentively and taken part in a programme to celebrate ‘God’s Greatest Gift’ were truly able to celebrate.  Invited round the altar at the Eucharistic celebration, they all but concelebrated with the parish priest!  A few days afterwards, there was a ring at our front doorbell, and one little boy standing on the doorstep.  He held an envelope in his hand which he was keen to give me.  His words were, “I think you will like what’s inside!”  I opened the card and he had written, “Thank you for helping me get ready for my special day.  People were so good to me, and I wanted to share some of it with you.”  Some of his gift money had been inserted in the card!

Confirmation was another experience!  68 young people with their sponsors presenting them for the sacrament of the young adult.  Another great experience where these young people had been willing to ‘explore’ their faith and what it meant to them to be a Christian.  Also sharing ways that they felt they could be more committed and responsible in their faith.

In the words of a parent, “ My husband, who is not a catholic, was moved to tears when he saw these young people expressing their faith and being prepared to continue on their faith journeys.”

It was a joy to work with a team of catechists for both of these programmes.  And then 2 days later, an email from the Bishop, “do we have date for next years Confirmation?” , hence come September it will all begin again! (sr. Brenda McCole, NDS)


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