Notre-Dame de Sion Evry Grand Bourg, France

A true educational community with a special soul

Notre-Dame de Sion Evry Grand Bourg institute is a middle school and high school that symbolises a true educational community with a special soul. It aims to meet everyone’s needs by offering personalised support and follow-up, so that all students have the opportunity to find their place in society by becoming fulfilled citizens.

The Sion ethos in the school

Since it was founded in 1850, the Notre-Dame de Sion Evry Grand Bourg institute has been a place of sharing, exchange and faith.

It’s the daily involvement of students, parents and all members of the school community that brings unity around the educational and human values at the school’s core, in memory of the founding fathers.

In a context conducive to social relations, educational enrichment takes differences into account and seeks to help pupils live according to a set of ethics defined in educational, pastoral and pedagogical projects based on the value of transversal dialogue.

Social actions

As per the objectives set out in the International Sion Schools Charter, students are encouraged to develop a sense of belonging to the global community by affirming the responsibility to contribute to the construction of justice, peace, love and the preservation of creation.

In practical terms, this translates into solidarity projects, aimed at caring for others, and ecology projects that put pupils in the driving seat of the future of the planet – their own future – by sensitizing them to the importance of sustainble development and involving them in initiatives to protect the Earth.

“A warm, supportive family atmosphere.”
NDS Evry Grand Bourg pupil

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