Colégio Nossa Senhora de Sion, São Paulo, Brazil

Promoting attitudes that transform education

Colégio Nossa Senhora de Sion is a mixed school that applies up-to-date methods to education, and respects the student as an individual. Welcome is the cornerstone of the Sion charism. The school’s pedagogy is based on Sion’s charism and promotes attitudes that transform education: the student is the protagonist, who participates actively in the construction of knowledge and the experience of values, with the aim of developing dialogue and peace.

The school’s mission is to act in the field of education, taking into account values, Christian principles and knowledge, according to the demands of modern society, so that students become conscious citizens.

The charism of Sion reflects the essence of the Congregation and inspires the daily practice of the school. From it emerge the mission and values that are observed daily: listening, for reflection and action; dialogue, to respect diversity; welcome, to understand and trust; and valuing the human being.

Colégio Nossa Senhora de Sion is a Catholic school open to other Christian and non-Christian faiths, because the charism of the Congregation is based on living the faith without trying to impose it on others.

The purpose of the Colégio is to form ethical citizens who value knowledge, and to be a reference point for parents, students and educators committed to quality teaching.

To accomplish its mission, the Colégio integrates its pedagogical impulse with educational practices and a project name Projeto Fé e Vida, aimed at the students’ all-round growth: building knowledge, awakening interest, through experience and reflection; walking together with the student as he or she searches for their place as an individual; forming for citizenship, by opening space for questions that lead to a critical attitude and to conscious and proactive choices; promoting discovery and experience of the person’s permanent values in themselves, with others and with the absolute of God.

Social actions

Within the Projeto Fé e Vida, the school carries out actions such as raising funds for people with disabilities and collecting warm clothing, food and hygiene products for people in need.

The project’s objectives are: to incorporate faith into the school’s everyday life; to raise the students’ sensitivity to transforming actions within their social context; to encourage the development of ethical and spiritual values.

“Every day a new learning opportunity.”
Carolina, 14 years old

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