Lumières du Shabbat – Shabbat de lumière by Sr Anne-Catherine Avril

From the book’s back cover:

An exceptional introduction to Judaism from its key point, its point of completion: the Shabbat.

Contrary to popular belief, the Shabbat, a human and divine reality, can neither be reduced to nor compared with the Lord’s Day, Sunday. It is a real foundation stone, a root that brings the sap up to the fruits of the tree, and it is more like a springboard that leads to an eighth day when the world will be entirely Shabbat and repose.

In so doing, it sheds a strong light on the resurrection of Jesus, which represents the first sign of that One Day when all will be invited to enter the repose of eternal life.

Anne-Catherine Avril, a religious of Notre Dame de Sion, spent 50 years in Israel. She holds a Master’s degree in Theology with a specialisation in Jewish Studies. She studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where she was trained in the Jewish way of study and sharing. She has taught rabbinic tradition and Jewish liturgy in Jerusalem and at Bethlehem University.

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