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The Catholic Biblical Association of Canada

The Catholic Biblical Association of Canada (CBAC) was founded in 1972 in response to a request from the Bishops of Ontario to begin a biblical movement that would encourage English-speaking Catholics to return to the Bible/Scriptures as a main source of spiritual nourishment and growth.  Since that time, the Catholic Biblical Association has endeavored to carry out its mandate by offering a variety of services and programs.

CBAC has a special mission and privilege: to foster the knowledge of and reverence for the Bible.  In our faith journey we encounter God and God's saving message in a variety of times and places, but most particularly in the prayer, pain, joy and quest which have found expressions in our Bible.

 As Catholics, we are conscious of the historical, literary, religious and social context in which the Word of God takes shape.  Our Judeo-Christian family shares with most other traditions an emphasis on learning and the dignity of the individual who encounters God.  

JocelynCBAC is pleased to offer a wide spectrum of services:
•    Bible study - Information/training
•    Journal - biblical themes.
•    Pilgrimages – Bible lands.
•    Programs: Retreats, Lectures, Children's Summer Program
•    Web portal - Speakers/resources. www.catholicbiblical.ca

Sr. Jocelyn Monette, nds has been the Executive Director since 1985.    Jocelyn had the privilege of studying and working in Jerusalem for almost six years.
Email: jocmon@sympatico.ca
SKYPE: jocmon44