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Sion in Northern Ireland

Sion in Northern Ireland is promoting our charism in the following ways:



  • through providing courses in bible study on diocesan programmes, in parishes and at local level
  • through encouraging Bible reflection by sharing various ways to allow a deepening of the Word of God
  • “If we allow the fire of the Word of God to teach us we shall know more of the present and future things.” (Fr. Theodore – book 1, page 183)



  • through facilitating retreat days for groups
  • through circulating reflections on Sunday readings written by Sisters of Sion and others who have links with Sion
  • “To pray is to love.  When I speak about prayer I am speaking about love.” (Fr. Theodore – book 3, page 181)


Reconciliation and Healing:

  • through the provision of counselling for people as they experience difficulties and traumas in their lives
  • through interfaith work, e.g. involvement in the Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ) and the Interfaith Forum
  • through involvement in EMBRACE, an organisation that seeks to improve the day to day situation of migrant workers and people seeking asylum.  This is an interchurch group bases on the biblical theme of “welcoming the stranger”
  • “God tailors His consolations to our suffering.” (Fr. Theodore – book 2, page 240)



  • Underpinning all of the above areas of ministry is a desire for justice as understood in the biblical sense, i.e. justice is a harmony that comes from fidelity to right relationships with God, people, institutions and the environment.
  • “… the work of Sion is a reality of the moment” (Fr. Theodore – book 4, page 96)