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150 Años en Jerusalén

27/01/2006: Israel | Photo gallery

The year 2006 brings the 150th anniversary of Sion’s foundations in Jerusalem.
When Ecce Homo was being built, a large Roman pavement called the Lithostrtos was excavated underneath the house. It was thought to be associated with the trial of Jesus, and in time became a central place of prayer for pilgrims who come to Jerusalem to remember and reflect on the Passion of Jesus
An exhibition will be mounted at the Ecce Homo and Ein Karem describing Sion’s story in the Holy City. It will include these extracts from the diary of the Ecce Homo as the excavations were carried out and the basilica built.

Extracts from the house diary

*16 May 1859 - Today the first work at Ecce Homo commenced i.e. earth was moved and the excavations begun. There are 25 workmen.

*21 May 1859 – Halil (the general. Supervisor) has bought a quarry of stones for 1,000 piastres and 2 rotols of coffee (according to local custom). The stones are excellent, they say.

*27 May 1859 - We cannot get enough donkeys to carry away the earth

*4 July 1859 - Beginning of the foundation digging and the ancient ground of the Via Dolorosa was found to be already there. The huge paving stones testify that our property was probably once a large palace or court.

*7 July 1859- Today we found a large tunnel probably extending from Herod’s palace to the Temple. The stones are marvellous and very well preserved. The architect says it is magnificent work which may date from the time of the Jews…..

*26 July 1859 - Beautiful stones from the time of Solomon were found in the foundations.

*15 September - 1859 Something like a large staircase was found which probably led to the underground. The architect hardly knows what it is.

*23 September 1859- Many other objects were found, such as stones, coins, valuable
for antiquarians.

*25 February 1860 - About 150 people are working on the building, 6 masons, 60 stone cutters….

*4 June 1860 - The tunnel, which opens on this part of the ground, is full of water, which will be useful in the building work.

*10 June 1860- A stairway of marvellous stones leading to the tunnel was found

*16 June 1860- On one side of the rock emerging from the ground and on the other side, one or two steps away, there is an unfathomable depth (would a deep chasm or depression be better way to express this?)

*29 November 1868 - (in the tunnel) A passage 70m. long and 2m. wide between huge rocks which have been shaped. Planks placed on the moving ground allow the sisters to venture across

*22-23 March 1933 - When doing some work on the Lithostrotos our mother, (Mere) Godleine) discovers a new Roman game, very clear and very interesting. There is a crown in this game.