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International Sion Schools Meeting

15/03/2012: Israel

The International Notre Dame de Sion schools meeting (10th May to 17th May 2012) will focus on the meaning of our name “Sion”; on how we as NDS schools use the Scriptures; on Fr Alphonse Ratisbonne in Jerusalem and on the interfaith reality in Jerusalem.

During the days in Jerusalem, each College will share ONE event/program/innovation which has happened in the College since the 2009 Strasbourg meeting and which gives particular expression to the NDS Charism. This will be a 15 minute presentation to the whole group.

This is a wonderful opportunity to deepen our international NDS schools shared life. Strasbourg was a wonderful beginning and this time in Jerusalem will take us forward.

Meeting Outline

Thursday 10th May

*  Arrival
*  18.00 meet on Terrace at Ecce Homo for mingle and drinks

Friday 11th May

* Gather in Salle de Sion for welcome, prayer and introductions
* Presentation - Approaching Scripture with NDS
* Schools share the one thing that has happened in their schools since 2009 which gives expression to the NDS charism.
* Presentation - Using Scripture with Staff - Part 1
* Walk to Western Wall
* Opening Eucharist

Saturday May 12th

* Prayer
* Presentation - Using Scripture with Staff - Part 2
* Work in Language groups – what are the questions for our school as we encourage and develop the use of the Scriptures?
* Visit to Ein Karem, Church of Visitation & St John the Baptist.
* Introduction to NDS in Ein Karem.
* Eucharist in Chapel at Ein Karem
* Dinner at Ein Karem
* Return to Ecce Homo

Sunday 13th May

* Visit to City of David – original Mt Zion?
* Tunnel tour
* Palestinian Speaker

Monday 14th May

* “Zion” and the Bible.
Business: A committee and the next meeting.
* Visit Mt Scopus & Mt of Olives: Geography towards the Jordan Valley & towards Jerusalem. Walk down – Dominus Flevit, Pater Noster; Gethsemane.
* Presentation - Complex Political reality

Tuesday 15th May

* Gather for Prayer
* Day seminar - Fr Alphone Ratisbonne; Fr Theodore & Alphonse and Jerusalem; the name “Notre Dame de Sion”
* Dinner and evening with the Sisters of the Region.

Wednesday 16th May

* Gather for Prayer
* Presentation - Using Scripture with Staff – Part 3
* Schools share
* Presentation - Using Scripture with Staff – Part 4
Visit to the Holy Sepulchre

Thursday 17th May

* Day Excursion to Galilee
* Final Dinner and farewells

Download outline in PDF (500 kb)