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Unity in diversity.

27/07/2010: General House - Rome





Morning Prayer:




                   The European Province led us in prayer that began by reading Constitution #1:  “The Holy Spirit calls us together in the Congregation of Our Lady of Sion with a special vocation in the Church for the sake of the Kingdom of God” in 11 languages. 


                   After a time of intercessions to the Spirit, each sister placed a flower or stem to make a bouquet symbolizing our unity in diversity.







Reflections from two of the Chapter delegates




                    This morning when I visited the garden at the back of Villa Maria I had the great joy of seeing the flower the cacti had produced glorious in colour and transparency! This stayed with me as we moved into our morning prayer. We remembered yet again that God loves diversity and at the end of the prayer were invited to make a beautiful banquet with many flowers and branches of different sizes and colours. This reflexion led us into the first area we were looking at today – Associates. God loves diversity and we can rejoice within it.



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                  As we near the conclusion of our Chapter, I feel that our understanding has grown and our love of the Charism has deepened.

We have also come to know each other better. All this that we have experienced during these works, hopefully we will be able to share well with all of Sion.

                  Love and prayers,



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