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Last Day of the Chapter

30/07/2010: General House - Rome

                 The final task of the chapter for this morning was to reread and approve the chapter document with the final versions of each of the topics: charism, reconfiguration, Jerusalem, community life, vocations and formation, associates/friends, stewardship of creation. The official texts of the various translations will take some time to prepare. In the meantime however the delegates will certainly be sharing the joy and enthusiasm of this experience as well as the major content with the communities on their return.



After approving the document we then moved into the expression of thanks to all those who enabled this chapter to happen: the sisters of Salvator Mundi, the staff of both Villa Maria and our Generalate at Via Garibaldi, the translators Anne Marie, Daniela, Isabel, Maria do Rosario, our secretaries Monique and Agnès, the facilitators Brid and Ignacio, various members of the chapter who took on specific responsibilities, the outgoing General Leadership Team for what it has been done during these 6 years and the new Leadership Team for their “YES!” to lead us forward.


In the closing ritual the eldest member of each delegation was invited to collect the banner they brought, to take home now enriched by the sharing of this month. This 25thGeneral Chapter came to a close with a short reflection of each our new Congregational Leadership Team who then called our names one by one, presenting us with a lighted candle and sending us on our way as we left the chapter room.

In the name of all the delegates at the chapter I would like to say a word to those “out there” in cyberspace though very much part of the real world from which we come: our sisters in Sion, associates and all our friends, families, colleagues and other interested readers…


We are truly grateful for your presence to us here in Rome during this time of joy, sharing, hard work, deep emotions and much hope. The support, prayer, love and friendship communicated in your messages on this site have been a very important part of our time here and of our chapter work. Thank you for your interest and for making the effort to communicate with us!