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Listening to the Spirit ....

20/07/2010: General House - Rome






Morning prayer:




Pr 8,1-4







Reflections from two of the Chapter delegates


                 It is really wonderful to receive so many messages from the congregation and from friends and associates of Sion. We really feel that you are around us and supporting us with prayer. Today we entered more deeply into a communal discernment about future leadership. Each one of our nominees shared quite simply and honestly her faith life and her own process of discernment……not an easy task – each one vulnerable – but sharing with the confidence of being received by her sisters with respect and a listening encouraging ear. This process continues in a truly prayerful atmosphere – with helpful and well known scripture texts.
I am constantly surprised and delighted by the Spirit working through us - and I ask myself why I am so surprised, when I have been taught from early on in theology and in spirituality that the Spirit IS surprising us – all the time!!!
Our big decorated Pascal candle accompanies us - alight all day long.






Hoy ha sido un dia de gracia y discernimiento, lo hemos vivido en un clima de oracion y de acogida  de unas para las otras.

Nos ha caracterizadola escucha, el respetoy la lealtad.

Descubrimos que queremos lo mejor para la congregacion en la unidad y diversidad.

Gracias porque nos hemos sentido apoyadas por todas uds.


                                       Maria Luisa

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