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Biblical programs in Jerusalem

08/02/2012: Israel

You may know that we offered here at the Centre for Biblical Formation, Ecce Homo Convent on the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem, both a longer Sabbatical Program and two four week programs. In 2012 we offer the Sabbatical Program for the last time. It has been a means of offering both Sabbatical time and Biblical formation for many people for nearly 30 years.

In 2013 we will offer three different four-week programs. In June: Rediscover Jesus in the Land with Matthew. In September: In the Footsteps of Jesus. In March/April we will offer for the first time a new program which explores the feasts of Passover and Easter. This program will assist participants to come to know Passover as celebrated in both Temple times and today. It will also explore the influence of Passover on our Christian feast of Easter. 

This new program aims to:

o   Study the Word of God: Exodus; Servant Songs in Isaiah; John’s Gospel.
o   Learn how Passover has shaped the Christian holy days.
o    Experience the Jewish feast of Passover.
o   Traverse the Land
o   Live the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus on the Via Dolorosa.
o   Reread the life and ministry of Jesus in Galilee.
o   Engage the people of the land of today – Israeli and Palestinian.

It is my belief that this Program will offer a great deal to leaders within the Christian community, teachers of Religious Education and Preachers of the Word. I invite you to look at our web site for further details. Please feel free to make this new program known to all who may be interested.

Blessings for 2012 and I hope to welcome you to Jerusalem in 2013.

You can see details in http://biblicalformation.org/eng/?page_id=10