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Sion in Dialogue - N. 7

21/01/2014: General House - Rome

Here is the seventh newsletter from the Sion International Jewish Christian Relations Team. The focus is dialogue. DIALOGUE IS ABOUT LEARNING and implies an exchange between persons or groups with differing views on life and religion. Each one listens to the other and exchanges insights but does not try to change the other or convert the other. It is finding common understanding together, working together for good and looking for common ground. Further reflection needs to be done on the “dialogue of life” relating in a spirit of friendship to share our common human experiences-joys, sorrows preoccupations and problems of life. In his first eight months, Pope Francis has brought this dialogue to the notice of the world, his concern for the poor, for peace, for the asylum seekers, for those who suffer. Again, the passing of Nelson Mandela has been acknowledged and his contribution to a better world. Wars continue but we are to be people of peace.

This issue includes news on a proposed Sion initiative in Zimbabwe, the meeting after the in Oswiecin on Christology after the Shoah, dialogue with Islam, World Youth Day in Rio, news from the Melbourne scene, the Mount Zion award, news from Istanbul, a Feasts of Lights celebration, a formation day at the biblical centre in Costa Rica, interreligious dialogue in New York, dialogue between schools in Rio.

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