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A time to break down and a time to build up...

21/07/2010: General House - Rome










Morning Prayer:






Jer 1, 4-11









Reflections from one of the Chapter delegates


I don’t know…  I’m a child…  Don’t be afraid…

Thank you to Sr Dominique who helped us to meditate this morning on the liturgy of the day, Jeremy 1, 4-11. It has been appreciated for this day of discernment (you will find the meditation on the web site).

I liked her  insistance telling us that God gives a new signification  to his  word each time we read the scriptures. In this text, Jeremy is invited to destroy and rebuild, and it seems that  several times in the Scriptures negative comes before positive, cf the Ten commandments, Psalm 1, etc… It’s when we create free space for God that we can built new.

Jeremy invites us to be Prophets to the Nations, in witnessing the faithful love of God  for the Jewish People.

During this Chapter we experiences that God walks  with us, and  it is sensible in the atmosphere of sharing and prayer.


                                                    Sr Marie Lise

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"I do not know how to speak." It is easier to say one does not
know than to face the consequences of having to follow a call
from God that is going to make us change our way of acting. Scripture
often starts with the negative. One must clear away what should
be changed before building can begin.

Dominique de la Maisonneuve's inspiring reflection on Jeremiah
1:10 set the scene for the last part of the Chapter's communal
discernment for General leadership.



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