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20 enero en Birmingham (en inglÚs)

01/02/2011: United Kingdom

Birmingham - NDSThe 20th January is always a feast that is looked forward to by our friends and family.  This year we gathered for a Eucharistic liturgy celebrated by one of the Augustinians from our parish.  On the left you will see the centre piece around which we focused.  Our friends took an active part in the liturgy and a wonderful evening was had by all.

One of our friends, Antoinette, a midwife, arrived straight from work, as this was an evening she did not want to miss!  She had been with us last year for the first time and carried the memory for the year.

The liturgy was followed by a buffet which took us into the next morning.  A great celebration was had by all!


Birmingham - NDSBirmingham - 2011 - NDS