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H. M. Emmanuelle Cinquin

21/10/2008: France

But the angel said to the women,
"Do not be afraid; for I know that you seek Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; for he has risen,as he said." Matthew 28,5

We are united in prayer for eternal peace with God for:

Sr M. Emmanuelle Cinquin

Born November 16, 1908 at Bruxelles

Community: Callian
Province: Mediterranean
Who died on: October 20, 2008 at 99 years of age
Years in Sion: 77
First vows : May 10, 1931 at Paris)

Communities where she served

May – August 1931 - Paris, Maison Mère
September 1931 – August 1954 - Istanbul
September 1954 – August 1957 - Tunis
September – November 1957 - Paris, Maison Mère
December 1957 – July 1959 - Khaznadar
August 1959 – January 1963 - Istanbul
February 1963 – 1970 - Ramleh
1971 – 1983 - Matareya, Cairo
January 1984 – 1992 - Kobeissy
1993 – 2008 - Callian

Maureen P. Cusick.
Superiora Generale

Some while ago she wrote this for an occasion of prayer in community:

Sr. CinquinLord, having reached the evening of my days,
I am re-reading the album of my life
and I find you on every page.
Your hand led me to Sion
To consecrate myself to You body and soul.

You poured into my being
a thirst for poverty,
and then one day You immersed me
in a shanty town,
where you made me live some wonderful times,
heart-to-heart with the lowliest, the most despised of this world:
It was your body that I met in each hut,
it was your sufferings You taught me to share,
it was your breath of love which stirred my heart
to be breathed out over your dearest members.

And every Sunday, you made me rediscover,
in the company of my sisters, the fresh spring
of my consecration
so I could set out again, reinvigorated, and joyous.

Come now to the evening of my days,
I pray to you, O Virgin, my mother,
to offer to your Son, in my heart,
your most beautiful smile.
say “thank you” to him for having led me to Sion,
Where “He has set Himself
as a seal on my heart
as a seal on my arm
for Love is strong as death”.

Soeur Emmanuelle