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”The Spirit of God washing us free...”

17/07/2010: General House - Rome



Springs of Living  Water


Come to me, come to me


And springs of living water will set you free.


Come to me, come to me


And enter the fullness of life.





Morning Prayer:



1Kgs 19:11-13




Reflections from two of the Chapter delegates



This morning, we entered the phase of discernment in view of elections for our new general leadership team. A peaceful, beautiful community prayer ritualized with water our search for silence, light, newness, the Spirit of God washing us free of bias and self preoccupation that can so easily disturb our focus.

The prayer was followed by reflection in groups and a first exploring of questions around the elections.   We began with the easier questions of numbers and years and such like!

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue this important phase of our work.



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Today we began the process for the upcoming election for the new General Leadership Team.

We were asked to enter into the process and to put aside all pre-judgments.  Being on the General Leadership Team is not giving power to some sisters but, rather, asking them to give a service to the congregation with the mandate to exercise authority more than power.

Jesus called his disciples to serve, to lead and give direction for the good of all. 



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