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Presentaciones culturales alegran a los delegados del Capítulo General de Sion

25/06/2016: Brazil

On the evening of the 25th we had a cultural presentation with three artistic groups in order to  entertain and amuse the delegates at the 26th General Chapter of the Congregation of Our Lady of Sion.


The first presentation was by a group of youngsters from the CIP (Acoustic Guitar Orchestra of São Paulo’s Jewish community). They sang and played popular Brazilian and international  songs, such as Garota de Ipanema (The Girl from Ipanema).


The next presentation was by the women's dance group Ilú Obá de Min, which highlighted the religious syncretism of Afro-Brazilian culture through African musical instruments, songs, rhythms and dance.


At the end of the last presentation, most of those present stood in a big circle around the artists of the Jewish Dance Group from the Congregation of São Paulo. The group, composed of three artists, danced along to joyous Jewish folk songs, as the Chapter delegates joined in.