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Nuestro capitulo avanza

07/07/2010: General House - Rome




Morning prayer:



Ivete Holtmann led us in a study of 1 Samuel 3:1-10 showing us how Samuel came to a spiritual maturity in moving from serving God through his master Eli to serving God directly.






Reflections from two of the Chapter delegates


We began our day with a biblical reflection on 1 Samuel 3, 1-10. It  speaks of our relationshipwith God, relationship between Master and disciple. God speaking through the person until that relationship matures and then God speaks directly. A message for each one of us.  

                                               ( Brenda)

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The prayers and activities help us to meet each other and get to know other better. All this is happening in a wonderfully open,  friendly environment and we are working well together. Today  we had the presentation of information and we are coming near the end of the province sharings. We are getting ready to receive the associates who arrive tomorrow.

( Ana Maria)
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