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Religious Life - An Alternative Way of Life and Hope for the World.

15/07/2010: General House - Rome





Morning Prayer:



Matthew 11:28-30



Allow yourself to be touched where you feel vulnerable or burdened or in need of rest. 



What reflection and/or prayer arise in your heart today?






Reflections from two of the Chapter delegates


                  We are continuing to reflect and search to deepen the different issues that the general chapter finds important for the future.  The reflection prayer this morning, from Mt 11, 28-30, invites us to allow ourselves to be touched where we feel more vulnerable.

                  Fr. Ignazio Madera (SBS), gave a talk in ”Religious life in the context of today’s world”.  It gave an excellent overview and presented the bigger picture of the challenges with which the religious life is confronted today. His words invited us to advance and to believe that religious life can offer an alternative in today’s world. For this we need to continue to nourish our faith, a faith that needs to be lived in hope and trust. The Spirit continues to be present and work in creation and in history. Therefore we need to believe in religious life today, to be passionate about it and in this way we can be witnesses in the world. 



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Our dreams for 2016

Today we shared some of our dreams for the year 2016 and placed them on a tree.  The following are some of them:

  • I see a gathering of 200 sisters in Jerusalem, rejoicing with Israelis and Palestinians because true, just, and lasting peace has arrived.
  • The presence of Sion in Jerusalem will be younger, stronger, more numerous-Sisters, Brothers, and Associates
  • We will be invited to participate in meetings, and a study session along with our friends and associates.
  • We will be practicing solidarity between ourselves, sharing our resources both personnel and finances.
  • We will have a new foundation in Asia and Africa.


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