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Towards New Horizons ...

10/07/2010: General House - Rome


Morning prayer:



Matthew 10: 29-33



What does the text evoke in you as the Chapter body begins to “sense the future”?



What is your prayer?






Reflections from two of the Chapter delegates


This is the eighth day of the General Chapter and it is Shabbat. We spent the morning with Father Jean-Pierre Ruiz, a diocesan priest who teaches at St. John University in Queens, New York. He gently encouraged us to become aware of the new geographical horizons emerging for the Church; we began to glimpse the challenges of following those same directions or of choosing other options in service of the future of our Charism. We became more sensitive to the risk of anti-Semitism in the migration of Christians from areas in which there is no Jewish Community. We took some time to reflect together, with input from Fr. Ignacio and Fr. Jean-Pierre, on the concepts of evangelization, dialogue, and conversion. Through a “fishbowl” experience we shared new avenues of Christian-Jewish relations emerging in various countries where we are, as inspiration for further initiatives in these directions. It has been a wonderful day, which we will now conclude with our Sunday Mass in a few minutes, then supper and a social evening. 



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Shabbat consecrated entirely to new directions for our charism.
Those were presented as our different ways of living our vocation; which we shared.
- To pursue and deepen our study of the Word of God in the light of Jewish Tradition, consequently with Jews.
- To study Judaism in order to come to know the other and to return to the source of our Christian faith.
- To undertake commitments with Jews against the injustices in the world. The topic is too important to deal with all in one day. We must return to it and make two kinds of choices:

- for the entire Congregation
- for the various countries / places where we are.

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