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Dedicated Volunteer Award

01/10/2011: United States

At the annual Knights of Table volunteer appreciation gala held on August 23 2011, Joyce Sinnett was invited to share her experience as a volunteer at the Knights Table where she has worked for four years. She shared this involvement to the gathering made up of some 300 persons who were volunteers, families, Knights of Columbus personnel and community partners in the Brampton-Peel Region.

During this Gala event, Joyce received a "Dedicated Volunteer Award".

Written on the reward plaque: Dedicated Volunteer award appreciation


For you dedication of your time and talents

To help feed and empower vulnerable members of our community.

Knights Table is a multi-service provider to many diverse clients, offering services which include food bank, hot meals 365 days of the year to those individuals and families impacted by hunger, poverty and homelessness in the region of Peel.


Elizabeth Losinki