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Experiencia de los participantes del Capítulo em la apertura del Shabat

01/07/2016: Brazil

On Shabbat, 26 Sivan 5777 (1 July 2016), in the synagogue of the Paulista Jewish Congregation in São Paulo, participants of the 26th Chapter of Notre-Dame de Sion joined in celebrating the opening of Shabbat.

Rabbi Ruben Sternschein received us warmly emphasizing that "the Congregation Notre Dame de Sion include the strongest and most faithful friends of Judaism and the Jews."

Sternschein also said that "we feel very honored and privileged because this Jewish Shabbat was chosen to be part of the chapter programming. This is a very important event for the Sion Congregation."

At the end of his speech the rabbi thanked the participants of the Chapter and all who attended were moved by this beautiful celebration.