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La hermana Gisa recibe um homenaje

05/07/2016: Brazil

Picture – Marge Zdunich


Giselda Rollemberg da Fonseca, a religious sister of Sion, also known by Gisa, receives the “Cardinal Bea Award” in the beginning of the evening of July 5th, granted by the congregational leadership of Sion in the 26th Chapter of the Congregation of Our Lady of Sion in São Paulo.


“The Congregational Leadership Team decided that the recipient of this award should be someone who dedicated many years of her life to the Jewish-Christian dialogue,” explained Sister Oonah O´Shea, Superior General of the Congregation.


The president of the Jewish-Christian Fraternity Board, Miriam Markus, was present. In his speech Markus said: “I, as well as many other of your sisters, were lucky in seeing how strongly you believe in the Jewish-Catholic dialogue and in seeing the ease with which you relate to good people”.


“Gisa, you have long overcome the borders of community work, thus integrating yourself to the international world of the Sisters of Sion. To us, you are a live role model of gentleness and hard work,” said professor Miriam.


Emotion, joy and a big smile took over Sister Gisa. After being honored, Sister Gisa toasted and and received greetings from all those present, while the Magnificat was sung in the background by all.


About Cardinal Bea

Cardinal Agostinho Bea was born in Riedbohringen on May 28th, 1881 and died in Rome on November 16th 1968. He was a German Catholic Cardinal and a pioneer in the Ecumenical movement and in the Jewish-Christian dialogue. The award was created by the Congregation of Our Lady of Sion and is granted to people who dedicate their lives to the religious dialogue.


The Award

The Board of the Congregation of Our Lady of Sion honors Sister Giselda Rollemberg da Fonseca, NDS, and thanks her for all the years she dedicated to the growth and the consolidation of the Jewish-Christian dialogue in Brazil.


Aware of her contribution in transmitting the Charism of Sion we leave here our symbol of gratitude. Your energy, perseverance, and respect for what is different is given to us as the teaching of a master.


Thank you for continuing to believe that Sion’s charism is always current in the Church.